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Report Scores Here!

IMPORTANT Instructions: Match Scores are now submitted by e-mail (click the appropriate link below). All scores will be recorded on the MN Union web page. In the fall, all college matches will be reported to the men and women's collegiate coordinator, who will track the college standings.
With all match scores, please include in the email the following: include the number of tries scored by each team and if the match was: men or women's, College, or Senior Side and if it was a LEAGUE match and the Date the match was played. If you wish to include a brief narrative of the action or who scored the tries, please do. Tries scored are critical to the leagues using advanced scoring systems, the rest will make it easier for the Midwest to report the scores in their weekly news reports. Match narratives will be printed on the "Schedules/Results" page or on the "Home" page of this website if space is available.
  • Date of Match
  • Clubs who played
  • Score at half-time
  • Final score (be sure it's clear who won)
  • If it was a College or Club match
  • If it was a women's or men's match
  • If it was a League match
  • The number of "tries" scored by each club
  • If you wish to include a brief narrative of the action, or who scored the tries, please do and we will post it on the Union page.


Suspensions (YELLOW Cards) or penalties resulting from send-offs (RED Cards) or other disciplinary actions (be it to coaches or players), please send your report to the below corresponding Disciplinary Chairs below:

College and Senior Club Disciplinary Reports to Megan Braun:

Please scan signed College/Senior Clubs Match Reports and USA CIPP lists to

If a signed report is requested, please send to: Fax: (763) 416-0823 or Mail: Tammy Cowan, 4122 Dight Avenue, Minneapolis, MN 55406