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Becoming a MNRFU Member

The following must be submitted to the Union Secretary before the AGM to be considered for membership.

  1. A letter requesting Recognized Membership (to include a brief history and/or need for a club in that area).
  2. By-Laws and/or Constitution
  3. A list of team officers with addresses, phone numbers, and e-mail addresses. Officers should include President, Match Secretary, Treasurer, CIPP Coordinator. Other appointments such as Coach, Referee, Medical Person/Trainer & a Permanent Address (a PO Box No. for the club) should also be included. (School & summer addresses with phone numbers are required for college teams).
  4. Choices for colors of jerseys.
  5. Date of officers elections.
    *Note* Must be once per year at the END of the Fall season.
  6. Colleges must include their Faculty Advisor's name, address & phone number, along with a letter from this Advisor stating their willingness to ensure that the 'Duties of A Faculty Advisor' are carried out. Colleges & graduate schools must include the name, address & phone number of their Athletic Director and Director of Club Sports. A letter (on school letterhead) from one of these persons regarding the school's support for rugby (use of school facilities, fields, trainers, equipment, funding & future plans) is required.
  7. A copy of your current budget. Colleges must include the amount funded by the school and description of how and when funds are disbursed. List line items that the school will fund and ones they won't.
  8. Proof of full enrollment in USA Rugby's Club & Individual Participant Program (CIPP). Each Club must have completed the Club CIPP Enrollment.

Responsibilities of a Union Member

  1. All players must be covered by a $100,000 medical or sports accident insurance policy (either through employers, college, parents, or individual plan). The club is responsible for obtaining proof of medical coverage from each player.
  2. Full Members must submit their match schedules to the Referees Society by August 1 for the Fall season and February 1 for the Spring season.
  3. Full Members must report any change in officers or addresses to the Minnesota Union Secretary promptly.
  4. Full Members must attend the AGM (usually in January).
  5. Full Members will be under the jurisdiction of the Minnesota Union Disciplinary Committee and are expected to uphold the rules and regulations of the Minnesota Rugby Union. Disciplinary action may be taken against a Full Member if the Disciplinary Committee feels it is warranted. Any discipline problems in previous games must be reported (matches scheduled but not played, players ejected/suspended, etc.).
  6. Should the club/college wish to resign from the Union, a statement of such intent must be submitted, in writing, to the President of the Union. It should be signed by at least two officers. The club/college will be responsible for any financial obligations for the fiscal year in which the resignation was submitted.