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Protocol & Guidelines (i.e. very important stuff)

Section 1 – How do we secure a referee?

  • All schedules MUST be submitted to the Minnesota Referee Society assignments coordinator by March 15, 2021 for the spring season.
  • Any CHANGES to this schedule must go through the Referee Assignment Coordinator.
  • Teams are NOT allowed to secure their own referees.  All assignments MUST go through the assignment coordinator.  
  • Any event that involves 4 teams or more will be considered a tournament and will be billed as such.  Teams must secure approval from the Minnesota Referee Society & the Minnesota Rugby Union VP of Play &/or Minnesota Youth Rugby prior to the organization of such an event.
  • All teams MUST be in good financial/CIPP (Player and Team) standing with USA Rugby, the MW Union, the MN Union, Minnesota Youth Rugby and the Minnesota Referee Society prior to all due dates/deadlines.
  • HS teams can not schedule Saturday matches unless they are either 1) Out-state teams 2) playing teams from out-of-state or 3) have prior approval.
  • Referee assignments will be made in the following prioritized order –
  • Minnesota League matches, visiting teams, social leagues, non-league, B-side matches.
  • 2021 Referee Assignment Coordinator:  Autumn Arvidson,, Cell: 612-859-6439

Section 2 – How much does a referee cost?

14-20 minute match    -    $30/match + miles

30 minute match    -    $45/match + miles

40 minute match    -    $60/match + miles 

50 minute match    -    $75/match + miles

60 minute match    -    $90/match + miles                    

70 minute match    -    $105/match + miles                     

80 minute match    -    $120/match + miles

Mileage: is .40/mile OR $20 flat mileage fee for a local match (50 miles - RT) and local referee. Fees above are a rule of thumb only, as mileage varies – referee doing multiple matches at same site (delayed matches) and some car-pooling occurs. Additionally, there may be snack & water fees added and/or hotel fees added.
~  Minimum Match Fee Charge: is $120 + miles for a Senior Match or College Match or $70 + miles for a U19 Match. These are the minimum trip charge fees for the referee. Please keep in mind, that if there are delays or gaps in the match schedule for a single referee doing multiple matches on the same day, fees may be slightly higher as well.
~  Assistant Referees (AR): when requested or required, are billed at a rate of $0.75 per minute played + miles per AR.
~  Adding or Canceling: a match within 7 days of a scheduled match is $100 + any additional expenses that may have occurred out of our control will be billed to the responsible party or team (however, rescheduling a match within a reasonable timeframe is exempt from the $100 penalty). Teams canceling a match due to reasonable unforeseen circumstances within 7 days (i.e. snow storms, ice on field, weather, closure of fields by parks or city) out of the teams control are some exceptions to the late cancel rule. Please confirm with the MN Referee Society for final approval of fees.
~  Late Payment Fees: will be assessed $10 every month on your balance, also referees may not be assigned to these teams, but payment plans are accepted and referees released, if you have made arrangements. (enacted in 2017)

2021 Referee Society Treasurer:  Kevin Terpstra,, Cell: 612-919-5448

Referee Recruitment (2021):

·         College and High School teams that supply a new working referee will get a $100 club rebate on their following year’s referee bill.  There are other Level 1 referee courses throughout the Minnesota/Midwest at all times during the year. (Next Level 1 Referee Course ($75) is TBD). Referees are required to referee 6 scheduled 80-minute matches in 2021 and attend 5 monthly MN Referee Society meetings (metro area referees) to qualify the team recruitment rebate.


Section 3 – Logistics

  • Please contact the referee by e-mail (and/or phone) to confirm the match, match time and location of the match. Simply emailing or leaving a phone message is not confirmation with a referee. PLEASE confirm your match with the Referee by Wednesday, 9 pm, of the week of the game for Saturday and Sunday games, a minimum of THREE (3) days prior to your match when played during the weekdays, please confirm before 9pm with the referee. Please exchange emergency numbers. If you do not contact the referee with time, location (directions) and mobile numbers, please do not expect them to show.
  • All fields MUST be of proper size, with proper markings ( All goal posts MUST have padding. If tri-pod soccer posts are used, they must be padded for safety on ALL exposed bars.
  • All fields must have restraining ropes from dead-ball line to dead-ball line.  If ropes are only on one side of the field, then both teams and spectators MUST stay on that side. Technical Zones can be marked with paint or outlined with flat cones. Technical Zone Allowances: (qty 1) Coach-level 200 certified; (qty 2) Water carriers - can be coaches, must be CIPP’d and at least level 100 certified, wearing a bib; (qty1) Medical Certified ATC, can roam entirety of playing enclosure.
  • The home team MUST supply a match report.  Both teams MUST supply a printed USA Rugby team CIPP list from the web site and both teams MUST sign the match report verifying that those playing in the match at any time have individual insurance and are CIPP registered as players and team. All teams must also indicate their starting 15 players numbering (1-15) for 15s matches or starting 7 players numbering (1-7) for 7s matches by the individuals name on the printed teams USA Rugby CIPP list and indicate who your designated 8 substitutes (15s) or 5 subs (7s) will be for the match. Also, please indicate/circle all front row capable players. Substitution/replacement cards may also be issued before the match by the referee, please fill out and hand to referee or assistant referee upon entering the field of play.
  • Each team – Club/College MUST supply the Referee Assignment Coordinator with 2 current contact phone numbers AND 2 current email addresses by March 5, 2021

Section 4 – Follow-up