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NOTE: The MNRFU has adopted the current USARS Disciplinary Procedures and Policies.

The USARS Disciplinary Guidelines are referenced from the current USA Rugby Disciplinary Procedures and Policies.

1.     Functions

A.      Disciplinary Matters:For all matches, functions, or any other matters of disciplinary concern in which the Minnesota Rugby Football has direct jurisdiction, the MNRFU is responsible for appropriate disciplinary actions, sanctions, or suspensions against individuals, clubs, or other entities as provided for in these Disciplinary Procedures.

B.      Limitations. It is not intended that the Disciplinary Chair or MNRFU operate in the realm of the civil or criminal judicial system. It is specifically not a function of this body to award compensation or direct individuals, clubs, or other entities to pay financial damages or restitution for specific incidents of misconduct.

C.      Disciplinary Information:The MNRFU Disciplinary Chair will forward disciplinary information that involves players or clubs from differing Local Area Unions. Any disciplinary actions taken by the member LAU's should be forwarded to the MNRFU Disciplinary Chair. MNRFU Disciplinary Chair for future reference should keep documentation of all disciplinary actions.

NOTE: In the event that deliberate and intentional bodily harm by a player is inflicted on another player both civil and legal action can be taken by the player affected.

2.       Jurisdiction

The MNRFU Disciplinary Chair has jurisdiction including but not limited to MNRFU

a)       Men's Senior Club

b)       Women's Senior Club

c)       Collegiate Men

d)       Collegiate Women

e)       Representative Rugby Squads consisting on MNRFU Members

3.       Matters Subject to Disciplinary Jurisdiction

While it is anticipated that the primary concern of the Disciplinary Chair and Committee will be incidents occurring during play resulting in the send off of a player by the match referee, it is specifically noted that jurisdiction extends to all matters of misconduct, on and off the field, considered to be detrimental to the game of rugby.
Such matters can involve individuals, clubs, or other representative bodies of the sport. The misconduct may be a single incident on or off the field, or repeated examples of behavior contrary to the welfare of the sport of rugby.
The governing body having jurisdiction over the match or event shall also have jurisdiction over all activities and social events held in conjunction with the match or event.

4.       Disciplinary Processes

Send Offs by a Referee - Law 10


The referee must inform the MNRFU Disciplinary Chair via e-mail anytime a player is sent off for misconduct or foul play. The Report must be forwarded to the Disciplinary Chair within forty eight hours / two (2) days of the send-off.
Anytime the match involves teams or sides from differing jurisdictions, an additional copy of the Report should be sent to the Disciplinary Chair of the governing body at the next higher level (territorial levels for matches involving clubs or sides from differing LAU's; national level for matches involving clubs or sides from differing territories).
The MNRFU Disciplinary Chair shall review Reports received in these circumstances, and communicate the outcome of the discipline process to the parties involved when requested.
If the accused or the accused's club that is party to the send-off does not file a report with the Discipline Chair of the LAU of the send-off, it will be treated as an undisputed send-off.
Any player who is sent off for the duration of a match for any reason is automatically suspended for eight days or one match.

When a player is sent off the field for the following reasons, the sanctions shall be in the range set forth below. These penalties are inclusive of the eight day or one match automatic suspensions.

First Offense
Second Offense/ Repeat Offense
1 Non Violent Technical Infractions (holding, obstructing, game delay)
8 days - 2 wks
3wks - 2mos.
2 Minor Physical Offense (pushing, barging, over-the-top calls, early or late tackles)
2 - 3 weeks
4wks - 3mos.
3 Major Physical Offense (kicking, punching, dangerous rucking)
2 - 6 weeks
4 - 10 weeks
4 Major Physical Offense (kicking or punching to the head or groin)
3 - 12 weeks
6 - 12 mos.
5 Major Physical Offense (player in defenseless position and/or with intent to injure)
9 - 20 weeks
9 - 15 mos.
6 Persistent Criticism / Disputing of Calls with Referee
1 - 3 games
4 - 6 games
7 Verbal Abuse and/or Threatening a Referee
3 - 5 games
6 - 10 games
8 Continuation of # 7 and/or Nonviolent Contact with a Referee After a Send-Off or at End of Game
6 months
1 or more yrs.
9 Physical or Attempted Physical Assault of a Referee (on or off the field)
*Immediate Suspension

*. Unless overwhelming evidence is presented that would mitigate the situation, a minimum suspension of five(5) years will be assessed to the guilty party.

Tracking of Offenders

It is the responsibility of the MNRFU to track all disciplinary reports and actions taken. These will be posted on the MNRFU Web Site.

Any club who allows a suspended player to participate in matches while suspended will be subject to additional penalties by their LAU or the Minnesota RFU, or both Disciplinary Committees.

5.     Undetected Foul Play / Off Field Conduct
When foul play occurs but is undetected by the Referee, it is the responsibility of the witness(es) to report it to the referee as soon as practical.

The referee should filea report to the controlling Disciplinary Chair or Committee no more than two (2) days after the incident.

If it is not practical to report the incident to the referee, the incident should be reported by the witness(es) to the Disciplinary Chair two (2) days after the incident

Off-field behavior that is detrimental to the image of the game of rugby should be reported to the Disciplinary Chair in the same timely manner as is described above.

Foul play incidents, if found to be true, should be penalized as if a Send-Off was ordered by the referee.

Off field incidents will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis. Proven allegations of conduct that tends to place the game in disrepute shall be dealt with in the strongest manner. As a reminder, clubs are responsible for the activities of their members and supporters as they relate to the image of the game. Clubs are expected to provide for the discipline of their members and supporters who bring the game into disrepute.

1.     Other Disciplinary Matters

The Disciplinary Chair will investigate any matters subject to MNRFU disciplinary jurisdiction brought to the Chair's attention.

Whenever possible, requests for disciplinary investigation and action should be in writing, and provide as much detail as possible concerning the event(s) involved.

The investigative process must provide every opportunity for any parties accused of wrongdoing to respond to the allegations.

In the event the Disciplinary Chair determines that possible disciplinary action may be warranted, the Chair must inform the parties within two (2) days that an investigation is been undertaken.

The Disciplinary Chair may determine appropriate penalties applicable to individuals, clubs, or other representative bodies that are found to have exhibited conduct detrimental to the sport of rugby. These penalties may include suspension from eligibility.

The Disciplinary Chair will notify all parties involved of the initiation and outcome of the investigative process. The entire investigative process shall be documented such that written records of all communications, hearings, and decisions are retained by the Disciplinary Chair.


When Called. A Subcommittee will be appointed and a hearing called at the request of the Disciplinary Chair, or as required by these procedures.

Subcommittee. The Subcommittee will consist of not less than three members of the standing MNRFU Board. Every effort should be made by the Disciplinary Chair to insure that the individuals appointed to the Disciplinary Subcommittee shall be fair and impartial with respect to the matter at hand.

Due Process

Notice. Any individual, club, or other entity accused of misconduct, with a sanction of more than three weeks may request a hearing.

Costs. The cost of the meeting is to be born by the offender's club.

Vote. Any penalties imposed by the Disciplinary Subcommittee must be voted on, with a two-thirds vote required for passage

Notification. The Disciplinary Chair will provide written notification of any decisions reached or penalties imposed to all interested parties .as soon as possible following the hearing.


The Disciplinary Chair is required to appoint a Subcommittee and convene a hearing to consider appeals of the decisions reached by the Disciplinary Chair.

The minimum mandatory suspension of one game or eight(8) days, whichever is longer, for player send-off is not subject to appeal.

Reciprocity: The Minnesota RFU recognizes all disciplinary actions, sanctions or suspensions imposed on any individual, club, or other entity by any other governing body within the sport of Rugby Union Football.